Garage Door Repair Services Hollywood, Fl

A garage door may not only be an entrance to your home but also to your business. It provides access to the main building as well as storage for important and even precious items that must be protected. When Garage Door Repair for Hollywood residence or business is necessary, you need it done quickly, expertly, and with respect for these items so you’re peace of mind is intact and your buildings are kept safe. We pride ourselves on professional service in all areas and with one phone call, day or night, you can have all of your repairs taken care of in no time at all.

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Respect for Your Home and Business Garage Door

Repairs are done right the first time is not your only concern when hiring Garage Door Repair in Hollywood, FL. You want professionals that will treat your home with care and will be friendly with your family as well as knowledgeable about the repairs to be done. Our technicians are highly trained with all the right tools and materials needed for your repairs, replacements, or installations.

Customer Service You’ll Love

A call to a customer service representative does not have to be a thing to dread. When you call to On Time Garage Door Repair in Hollywood and surrender arias with questions or concerns, our customer service people are happy to give you the time and answers you seek with patience and expertise in all areas of garage door and electric gate repairs for your home or business. We will work with you and help you figure out what your garage door needs as well as go over any pricing information that concerns you so there won’t be any surprises after the technicians arrive.

What We Offer

There are several different kinds of Garage Door Repair for your home or business and each one of them requires different tools and expertise. That’s why our professionals are trained to handle a wide array of services including but not limited to:

Broken spring repair

Track repair Garage door panel or replacement

Remote control opener repair

Keypad installation and repair

New opener repair and installation

And more!

If the service you need is not listed above, all you have to do is ask and we will find a way to get you what is necessary for your garage door repairs. Attempting these things on your own could be very unsafe, leading to further repairs or serious injury for many reasons.

Broken Spring Repair: A broken spring lets go of a lot of pressure when it breaks and that pressure will need to be wound back up once the springs are fixed or replaced. Our technicians have done this procedure countless times and can do it safely and quickly.

Remote Control Opener Repair: Garage Door Repair in Richfield isn’t always exactly about the garage and sometimes it’s about what opens it. We can reprogram your remote control, fix the small mechanisms inside, and realign any sensors that might have been knocked out of place and caused the malfunction.

New Motor Installation: Installing a new motor involves holding up the motor and lining it up on its mounts and that’s not a one person job. We have the professionals you need so your motor is installed correctly and works right the first time you try it.

Garage Door Replacement: The garage door is often the first thing you and/or your guests see when pulling up to the house. Sometimes the Garage Door Repair on your Richfield home garage is not enough and a complete replacement is necessary. Our technicians can get the panels in your garage door looking great again or replace it completely, even if you’re looking for custom work.

Track Cleaning and Repair: Keeping the tracks well maintained makes it easy for your garage door to slide along them and ensures a safe lift each time this happens. Whether you need a simple cleaning or full replacement, we have the means and the manpower to get this done quickly and keep your garage door running smoothly for many years to come!