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  • On-Site Diagnostic

  • Emergency Repair Service

  • Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

  • Garage Door Off Track Repair

  • Garage Door Won’t Open

  • Garage Door Won’t Close

  • Garage Door Opener Repair

  • Garage Door Opener Installation

  • Garage Door Replacement

  • Damaged Garage Door Panels

  • Broken Garage Door Rollers

  • Broken Garage Door Cables

  • Garage Door Remote / keypad

  • And More…

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About On Time Garage Door Repair Hollywood FL

On Time Garage Door Repair – Is a Local company located in South Florida and specializes in garage door repairs, spring replace, opener service/repair and new garage door installation.We provide same day Garage Door and automatic gate Repair Service in Broward, Miami Dade, and Palm Beach County. On Time Garage Door Repair is one stop company for Garage Door and Automatic Driveway Gates. Sales, Service, Repair & Maintenance of Residential and Commercial garage doors. We Proudly can guarantee not only high quality professional Garage Door & Gate Repair Service, But We also guarantee you satisfied with the best customer service.Whether you are looking to, our pros can take care it whit no time, replace your old garage door or install a new one, repair or replace any type of garage door or driveway electric gate, From Spring Repair/Replace, Garage Door or Gate Opener Repair, Rollers, Remotes, Off Track. We install, service and repair all major brands same as LiftMaster, Clopay, Amarr, Chamberlain, GTO/Linear, Viking…..

If you are in a search for a reliable company that locally-owned and provide garage door and gate repair in Hollywood, Florida  and the surrounding cities, then look no more! Call Today 954-329-1361.


Residential Garage Door Repair Services


The safety of your loved ones is in your hands. You should make sure that your loved ones are always safe and this needs you to be careful. The garage door is the main door that grants access to your property, and so having a properly functioning garage door is very important. It is crucial that your garage door is functioning properly so that your loved ones are safe. An ill functioning garage door is like an open door and offers no safety. If the garage door at your house is broken or needs a repair, it should be attended at the earliest. It is like an open invitation to the various intruders. It can be a major cause of all unwanted accidents. SO, if you want the safety of everyone at your home and want to keep the belongings safe then it is good to get our residential garage door repair services.
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How To Choose Garage Door Repair Company?


One of the main issues when it comes to garage doors is that people do not take it seriously. People feel anyone can repair it and do not perform proper research while hiring someone for their door. The best thing you can do to your garage door is get a trusted garage door repair service. But, what comes in between a proper functioning garage door and you? Well, there are many issues you may face while getting the garage door repaired and some of them have been listed below:
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Fast Garage Door Spring Repair


We are your local south Florida garage door spring replacement specialists!  When the time comes and your springs snap, break, or start to sag your garage door will not be able to operate.  We can come to your house or business now to replace your torsion springs or extension springs with the best quality tempered steel springs that will last for years to come. Unless you’ve got proper knowledge and training, you shouldn’t try to repair or replace your garage door springs yourself.  It’s a dangerous process because of the high pressure that the springs are under.  Continuing to operate your overhead garage door with springs that have broken is extremely dangerous and it may cause serious damage to your door if not taken care of immediately. Garage Door springs, exactly the same as any other household item, have a limited lifetime that’s determinate.  Based on how much your garage door bean use and the weight of the whole assembly, this can change.  Our springs include a 10,000 cycle expectancy, which normally falls in about 5-7 year range for the majority of households use.  Springs typically break in the downward position, as that is where the tension is at its highest.  Garage door springs also break while the door is in moving or in its elevated position, and that’s the reason why it is really important to never walk under a garage door that’s moving. Garage doors will have 1 or 2 garage door springs of variable weights and sizes. We carry all the sizes your door will need in our fully loaded tracks and can replace your springs right away in the first visit at an excellent price!


Garage Door Services Near Me


Different types of services we offer:

Installation of new garage doors. We at garage door repair service are the best at installing the new garage doors. We have been doing it from years and there is no other company who can do it better from us. You need to tell us which kind of door you are looking to install and we will do it for you. There are many customers who are confused when they come to us. Being confused is normal. We  know that garage door installation is a big investment and people like to think before making an investment. If you are also one of the confused customers and want a little help to decide which garage door is perfect for your needs get in touch with us. We have been installing doors from years and can help you make an informed decision. We consider various factors before deciding which door the customer should go for. The experts of our company will come to your property to see which doors can be installed there. We will also ask your needs to help you decide which doors suit you. So, if you are someone who cannot make the choice, call us and we will help you.
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New Garage Door Installation


No matter what you choose to use your garage for, there is no way you would think of not having a garage door for your garage. It is unthinkable that you would allow people to have access to your house by just walking through your garage. Hence, at On Time Garage Door Repair, we have many different types of doors to suit your tastes and preferences. With specialized designers to work with you, we are able to come up with the perfect door for your garage. You can tell us what kind of garage door you’re looking for, and our designers will collaborate with your technicians to produce and install your door for you at your garage. On Time Garage Door Repair in Hollywood, FL has highly efficient service and we will listen to all your questions about the installation of the garage door and the production of the garage door itself. When we come down to your house to install your new garage door, we will also instruct you on how to operate your installed garage door.
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Garage Door Opener repair / replace


We are the perfect companion you need for your garage door needs. We are the company to trust. We have been in the industry for so many years. We are known for an excellent service. We can help you all you need to do is take us a call and we will be happy to guide you. We have a full range of services you may need. We are a company who manufactures high quality of commercial garage doors and residential doors. Whatever type of doors you may need we are the company to trust. We not only install high quality doors, we also help in the maintenance of those overtime. We also give a warranty on our services and give discounts to regular customers. We are not just like typical company we have a passion to serve the customers. We are known in the industry because we put passion in what we do. We strive to get the best service to the customers and ensure that you get the best products of highest quality. You cannot ask for anything more when we are there for serve you. Just call US and discuss your garage door needs with us. We are sure you would love our garage door opener repair services.


What makes us the best garage door opener repair company?
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Some common questions people have about us

 We know that you may be having various questions in mind before you hire a garage door repair company. Unlike other companies who dodge the questions and do not answer people correctly, we are transparent and have got answers to all your doubts. Here are some common questions people have in mind

1. Whether I should go for a new door or repair the old one?

If you are thinking whether you should go for a new door or get the old garage door repaired, you should keep some things in mind. There are some factors you should keep in mind before you decide whether you want to purchase a new door or replace the old door. Consider the maintenance needs. You should always see what maintenance your door needs. If your old door needs a lots of maintenance and cannot be in a proper condition even after the inspection and maintenance then you should go for a new door. But, the old door can be used with minor repairs you can postpone the installation of a new garage door.

You should also consider the strength of the door. Before you decide whether you want  a new door or keep the old one, you should always consider the strength of the door. If the door  is strong and can protect your property then you can delay the replacement of the garage door. But if your door is weak and even after repair it cannot ensure safety, then you should change your door instantly.

2. How do I Dispose my old garage door?

This is the most common question people ask us. Many people have questions on how to dispose their old garage door if they are installing a new door. With us you don’t need to worry about the disposing of your old door. We take care of your old garage door when we install the new one. As we are transparent with our cost structure we mention all the fees in detail at the start. So you can decide whether you want to dispose the old to yourself or need to get your help.

3. Do you offer emergency services?

Though  many companies offer 24/7 services, they charge high fees for that. We are the only company who offers quick services and do not charge hidden fees for emergency services. You only need to specify your location and contact your nearest store so that you can get the best professional services at the most affordable rates. We operate 24/7 and work throughout the year. We offer you best services and equipment that increases the life of your garage doors. When you are concerned with the safety of your garage door call us. IF you want  to ensure safety of your loved ones just give us a call we would help you to keep your loved ones safe.

4. Do I need a lock on my garage door?

This is also very common question that people have in mind. They want to know whther to have a lock on the garage door or not. A garage door is good without a lock in some cases. If you have an electric garage door opener then it is not necessary to have a lock as the new electric openers on the garage doors function as lock. The electric openers prevent intruders to get into your property. But if you have an old opener in your garage door then it is necessary to check whether the door may be lifted by someone from the outside. If the door can be lifted then it is necessary to have a lock on your door. It is necessary to perform the tests to ensure that your property is safe. If your garage door has no opener installed then it is a must to have a lock installed to increase the level of safety in your garage.

5. I have a single piece garage store can I get a sectional door in place of it?

People often want to change the garage door at their property. They want to replace the old door with the functional or different looking garage door. You would be happy to know that your old one piece garage door can be replaced with the sectional door easily by us. We specialize in this. The professional at our company can install a sectional door by installing springs and track. This can help to install a sectional garage door. We can also make the modifications as needed for the installation of a sectional garage door. To make sure that the work is performed properly the staff of our company evaluates the workplace prior to the installation process. This is done to ensure no time wastage and so that you get the best results.

7. Why should I have an insulated garage door?

While most of the people go for normal doors to save costs, it is wise to have insultaed garage doors. As the garage door is a very large opening in front of your garage, it is good to have insulated garage doors. Insulated doors help to decrease the impact of external temperatures in your garage and keep the garage at an optimum temperature. It is necessary because as your garage is attached to your house then the temperature can also affect your home. Some people also  use the garage as their workshops so insulated door increases the comfort in the garage. If you choose an insulated door, it can also help your property look better. IT  looks pleasing to the eyes.

6. Which type of spring is better for the garage door?

Though most of the people are only familiar with the extension springs, it does not mean there is just this spring. The garage doors also have other types of spring which is the torsion spring. While the extension springs are attached on either side of the garage door, the torsion spring is attached on the top of the door. The extension springs stretch and contract as the door is closed or opened. But, the torsion springs do not contract and expand when the door operates. This means that torsion spring is definitely superior to the extension spring as it offers increased safety to the owner. It also helps to balance the door properly. It is better to have  torsion spring on your garage door as it also provides smoother operation of the door.

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